Table 4: Self-reported effects of self-treatment with helminths on neuropsychiatric function. *Text was selected involving neuropsychiatric function; text involving treatment of other conditions (e.g., allergy) was omitted. Text in parentheses was added for explanation or clarity, and some spelling and grammatical errors were corrected.

1 NA “(My) behavioral and mood changes (are) less severe” after treatment.

6 NA “(After self-treatment with helminths, my) anxiety continues, (although my) brain fog is much improved.”
12 HDC “(After self-treatment with helminths, my) depression is reduced by 99% and my anxiety attacks are almost gone. The intensity (of the anxiety attacks was) reduced significantly (by self-treatment with helminths) from high to low.”
22 HDC “(After self-treatment with helminths), my generalized anxiety is still difficult to manage but is better regulated to the point I am able to focus and maintain quality of life. I no longer experience panic attacks.”
24 HDC “Before my self-treatment with helminth therapy, my ADHD was unbearable. I could not concentrate on anything. My mood was unstable to say the least. One moment I would be fine and the next I would be depressed. (After treatment), my ADHD is more manageable, my memory has improved, and my mood is 100% more even.”
25 HDC “(Before self-treatment with helminths, I had) debilitating depression and anxiety, and complete apathy and inability to participate in daily life. (After treatment), I have not had a single depressive episode. My anxiety persists, but it is not as bad. I have recently taken steps to confront and manage my weight through intensive holistic lifestyle changes. I do not believe I would be capable of this change without the helminth treatment.”
27 NA HDC “I also (in addition to effects on sinus problems) unexpectedly experienced brightening of mood and improvement in cognitive function with helminth treatment.”
35 HDC “(Before treatment), I had PTSD, agoraphobia, uncontrollable anger, and a mad-at-the-world attitude. Since helminth therapy, I no longer think of ways to eliminate (kill) people that frustrate me. I have started reading books again after 5 years of not being able to concentrate. I can control my anger mostly now and think of possible alternative ways of dealing with problems. I still do not like crowds but I can deal with being in one. Loud sudden noises still startle me, but I control my breathing and get back to “normal” pretty quick.”
36 HDC “(Before treatment), in my 30's, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. In my 50's, I was diagnosed as bipolar. Since the beginning of self-treatment, my symptoms have subsided. My wellbeing has improved 100%.”
37 HDC (After treatment, I have) less anxiety and am able to think clearer. The helminths seemed to help in areas that were positive but unexpected.
38 HDC “(The participant was self-described as having bipolar disorder.) When I get angry I used to (before helminth therapy) have thoughts of killing the person that made me angry or maybe just hurting them severely, but now (after therapy) I am not angry often or depressed.”
45 HDC (The participant suffered a depression/anxiety episode following self-treatment with helminths), “probably because of stopping antidepressant (medications) abruptly after 15 years of usage.“ (The participant stopped the medication after observing the effects of HDCs on the depression of a family member, and recovered rapidly after resuming the medication.)
47 HDC (The participant was self-described as having bipolar disorder without mentioning other conditions, and rated the effectiveness of self-treatment with helminths as 9 on a 10-point scale, versus 7 for standard medical treatments. The side effects of helminths and standard medical care were rated at 0 and 3 on the 10-point scale, resp.)
50 HDC “Professional diagnosis with clinical depression and seasonal affective disorder.” (No other conditions were described by this participant, who rated the effectiveness of self-treatment with helminths as 9 on a 10-point scale, versus 4 for standard medical treatments. The side effects of helminths and standard medical care were rated at 2 and 3 on the 10-point scale, respectively. The adverse effect of the helminths, a stomach ache lasting less than 12 hours, was alleviated without losing effectiveness by cutting the dose of helminths in half and doubling the frequency of administration.)